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Hello eveyrone…

I just got a new magazine called Vouge Knit Simple… and there was this sweet sweater in there I want to try… and it said … “Use WOTA at only 1.79 a ball” which is great… but I don’t really want something that’s hand wash … cause my wife would kill me…

Is there anything, around that price, that is washable?



Lion Brand Wool Ease is a worsted weight (same as WOTA) and can be as inexpensive as WOTA. The balls of Wool-Ease are 197 yards compared to WOTA which is 110 yards. I usually see Wool-Ease at around $2.50-$3 a ball. It’s very washable and sort of soft. It’s my prefered “kid sweater” yarn.


I knew someone around here would know… I was looking at yarn last night… got into to somethin that was $75 a 50 g ball…

And there I gave up… cause… I think I had a heart attack…

Yeah cool


Wheat is 2.29 a 197yd ball… would need to get 10… I hope when I go to buy it, it will still be on sale… I need to finish up a couple of … projects… before I can start this… it will be my frist sweater…

This is the one I found:


Honestly tho. is that too girlie… or you tink a guy could wear that… it doens’t have the HUGE cowl on it… like some others…

Glad to see you have revived from the shock. It’s worse when you do it in public, though. I can’t tell you how many times I have been caught in a yarn shop saying, “There is nothing soft enough to cost $50 a ball!” :smiley:

THAT’S going to be your first sweater?!?!?!?! [color=green]Color me impressed![/color]

well Cables are simple… I don’t even worry about them now

course a month ago, I would have said… SCREW THAT

And without the cables, its pretty simple don’t ya think… :slight_smile:

after seeing this, $50-$75 for a ball of yarn dosen’t really seem all THAT bad…lmao :rofling:

Yeah Cashmire… MAN… I couldn’t do that… cause I split yarn sometimes when I knit… and having to frog cashmere would not be fun

:shock: For $280/hank, that yarn better knit itself and cook my dinner!!

No joke! And drive my kids to their homeschool groups! Sheesh!!

Norman, that is a GREAT sweater. Not girly at all. In fact I see it as very masculine. So? What color? :smiley:

In this type of yarn… I was looking at WHEAT… cause I like the “flecked” yarns…

Actually, your stuff ends up cheaper, Jax…its 625 yards of worsted for $280, and that’s about $.45 per yard, so a “regular sized” hank would ONLY be $45 instead of $50-$75!! Its a DEAL!!! :rollseyes:

Way to look on the postiive side :lol: :lol:

THUD! Femmy faints on the floor.

Norman, I think if the sleeves went straight down instead of kinda puffy at the wrists they’d look better. Man or woman. But yeah cables are unisex I think.

Yeah I do believe that accomidates longer arms…
But yeah… I’m like all gitty wanting to start it … :S

:roflhard: :roflhard:

You should go ahead and start it. Whats an extra WIP? I love that sweater btw!

Hi Dave,

That’s the pattern I’m doing for my son. :cheering: :cheering: I’m using Woolease cream color.
It took me about 6 months of going through every Aran pattern I’ve got, having him look at them and critique - before I found this one.

It’s not too feminine at all, especially if my 19 YO son wants one!

I’ll be starting mine in a week or two - we can have a KAL!!


Oh geeze…I almost cursed in front of my 3 year old! I had no idea yarn could get that expensive! At least I won’t feel so bad next time I pay $10.00/skein…

We sure could… but I won’t be starting mine until… well after Feb 4th… as I have some stuff in the works until then… like some websites and such… that will keep me busy and with 3 WIP’s already sitting on the needles… I should finish some of those before I start another… (We at least the scarf… cause come on IT’S A SCARF! )

But I’ll let ya know when I start 'er up… I should go ahead and buy it tho…