WOTA Question

I’ve noticed from working on the clogs that one skein has less yarn than the other - and this happened twice. Has that happened to anyone else?

like, a LOT less? how much of a difference?

I haven’t noticed anything significant when I used up 2 skeins at once and had to go to 2 new ones.

Ive ended up with a couple-yard difference a couple times.

I have ordered from KnitPicks only once, WOTA, and the two balls of the one color were actually different in WEIGHT. The one strand was noticeably thinner than the other one. I called them about it and they promptly sent me out another ball free of charge. Very good customer service, I’m not slamming KnitPicks at all just to be clear!

Just like Kelly -=I’m using two different colors and for the upper color - I ended up using what was left of the one ball to complete it. Same thing happened with the brown for the sole.

I’ve noticed that too–if it’s a significant difference I’d let them know.

Totally happened to me. Today as a matter of fact. :wink: I’m knitting a kids’ size small pair of FT clogs…I did one pair in the same manner, natural first sole and upper, then contrasting color cuff, second sole and bumper. The other time I did it, one skein of WOTA was enough to do the contrasting cuffs, soles & bumpers and have a little to spare…today I’m two bumpers short. That seems like a lot to me! :shock:

Good to know, I have $30 of WOTA on the way!

Ack! :shock:

Are you going to have enough to complete the clogs?!

they aren’t the only ones either. i wound a couple of balls of Sugar and Cream together and left about two yards of one ball sitting there when the other was gone. annoying but survivable.

I just had the same happen with Cascade. If it is significant let them know.

Out of curiosity, what does everyone consider “significant”??

I’ve not had it happen to me…but I would think that it should be brought to their attention. 1st, I wonder if the difference is that we are getting too much, when there is more (more than the 110 yds) or too little when there is less (less than the 110 yds). See what I mean, are they just throwing in some extra yardage at the end of what ever the yarn comes off of in the factory bc it’s at the end of it :?? …or, is it a shortage of the 110?! If it’a a shortage of the 110, I would have to address it, but then again…I’ve got way too much WOTA to measure :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

Did that make any sense?!

That’s the thing…unless you have one of those $40 yardage counters, its impossible to tell! :doh:

Well…you can get a piece of cardboard that’s 18" wide & wrap it around it & how ever many wraps u have = # of yds on skein…Knitty Gritty knitbit :wink:

That just happened to me yesterday. There was about a 12 inch difference. Not too bad, imo.

On one pair of my clogs…well the only ones knitted so far…I got the four skeins for the one color and two for the other, the yardage should have been correct, and I ran out before finishing the second outer sole. I am now waiting for another to arrive.

I don’t know if I knitted too loosely or what.


I’ve had this happen with many different yarns when knitting from two skeins together.

I think part of the answer might be the “twisting” of the yarns together as you knit with them. This might account for the small (yard or 2) differences I’ve had with most of the WOTA I’ve used for clogs.

I’ve never had a large enough difference to bother calling the seller.
I was starting to panic on a pair of mens large clogs though. I had 3 skeins of WOTA for the upper, doing the higher heel, and I had 22 inches of the last skein left when I started the cuff. :shock: TOO close for comfort!!

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: