WOTA, it happened to me too

Ok, started knitting my felted bag with 2 colors together and the “mist” color is 134 inches longer then the “coal.” I was going to E mail them but I can’t find an E mail address. Do I have to call them then?

The email is Customerservice@knitpicks.com :thumbsup:


You might want to weigh it if you have a scale – to see if yourknitting weighs less than 100g – I’d be interested to know if one skein was long, or the other was short. You know? :??

Yeah…134 inches is a BIG difference!

Hey, I’ve had the same thing happen to me, too! I’ve been making felted clutch bags for xmas gifts, and a few of my skeins have been uneven. I’ve also run into balls where the yarn just ends - no knot or anything, it’s like it was just cut in the middle, so I end up with a small ball of yarn at the end. What’s up with that??

Please let me know what they say.


I’d understand a slight difference to cover if I missed a stitch with one color or pulled one a little tighter. But this was a surprising difference. I’ll have to look around for a scale…

Let’s hope the coal is the correct one and they gave you a bonus on the mist!!