WOTA Felting?

Does anyone have any good estimate of how much WOTA felts? For example, does it shrink 50% one way and 25% the other? I forgot to measure my swatch before I felted :doh: and this is my first time using it. I’m just thinking that my bag is looking awfully large for the finished size I want it to be. TIA!

If it’s too big, you can felt it again to make it smaller. :slight_smile:

Is there ever a point where it will stop felting?!

WOTA felts really really well. There will come a point where it will stop felting, but I’ll bet your bag will turn out fine. My first bag looked almost like a sleeping bag, it was so large, but it turned out great. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Every washer is different and will felt things at different rates, but here are the measurements of my bag

17 1/2" side to side, 15 3/4" tall, 5" across bottom, 73 1/2" i-cord handle

after felting measurements

14 1/4" side to side, 9 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" across bottom, 49" i-cord handle

Keep in mind that these are my measurements and yours will be different, but this will maybe give you some idea.

That is so helpful!! Thank you!!! :cheering:
Based on what I have now, which is about 6 rows, the width will be longer than I want because it’s about 21 inches now and I want about 11. It looks like I need to adjust the pattern a little. I would rather it be on the small side.

Everytime i’ve used WOTA (and some others for that matter), I find that it shrinks much more in height than in width. Helpful if you’re doing a bag.