WOTA Color Recommendations

Oh yeah that’s right, I’m knitting 87 FT clogs for Christmas baby! (I might be slightly hyperbolic)

Anywho, I’m going with Knitpicks WOTA for the yarn cuz it’s cheap and I know it felts well. I never trust the monitor’s version of colors so I thought I’d ask if anyone has any personal experience with the following colors:

Iron Ore
[/B]Would you say that either one of these is a fire engine horrifying red? Is one much more bright than the other? I’m looking for a deep red rather than a candy apple.

Also: will [B]Cloud[/B] felt nicely? And is Winter Night a nice navy color?

Thanks! :muah:

87!!! Why???

Well that’s why I said I was maybe being a bit hyperbolic. It just [I]feels[/I] like I’m going to knit that many. :zombie:

I used cranberry on my first bag. It’s red, but not a bright fire engine red. It was really pretty!

ditto what Jan said. Cranberry is a really pretty, deep rich red.

Winter Night leans more toward royal blue than navy. it’s a deep pure blue. I don’t consider it navy, but others might.

I don’t have experience with Cloud, sorry.

Iron Ore is definitely a brighter red than it appears. Though it’s not horrifyingly bright, and I haven’t used the Cranberry shade to compare.

Thanks everyone!
I switched the Iron Ore over to Cranberry, I"ll see how that goes. I’m also pondering doing everyone’s bumper/soles in the same color so I can buy fewer skeins but…hey $100 for all my holiday gifts is a damn good price! (I’m sure I’ll be able to think of a few more excuses to purchase unnecessary yarn :teehee:)

I haven’t had any problem with the cloud not felting. Good luck! I made Ft clogs last Christmas for everyone , now a few are asking for another pair since they wore them out!