WOTA Color Question - Help

I am getting ready to order my WOTA for Hats, Clogs and FT Felt Ballerina Slippers. I need help with color selection!

What color is closest to Navy Blue
Which Red is the best true red or Christmas red?
How yellow is daffodil?

Well let me just whip out my WOTA color card here :lol:

I personally think Winter Night is the closest to Navy Blue. I think it depends on what your definition of Christmas Red is…If it’s a brighter, truer red, I would just go with Red, but HollyBerry (a bit darker) and Cranberry (also darker, but lighter than HollyBerry) are both very pretty reds. Now, I don’t have the best light in here, but I think the Daffodil is a bit more muted in real life, but it’s still yellow. It’s really the only yellow you have to work with if you want WOTA.

I will agree with all of the above. :thumbsup:

i personally don’t like the dafodil… it looks mustardy to me. MHO!

I dont think its mustardy…its a muted sunshine yellow. Here’s a pic of the mega-booga I made for my sister with Daffodil, Cherry Blossom and Hyacinth…

Pre-felting (the color here is more accurate):


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