WOTA color question (edited: felted Andean Silk pics added)

I am going to knit a bear for a baby boy. Has anyone ordered the blue from knitpicks? Does anyone have an opinion about which blue is a blue for a baby boy? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :smiley: I have trouble with colors. :blush:

I would go with the lightest blue so the face will show up.

well there are a lot of people here who have used this yarn who can verify this, but from my understanding the colors on the website are very deceptive. From my understanding they are a LOT more vibrant than they appear on your monitor.

I have used Winter Night. It is a very nice royal blue. In looking at their print catalogue, Blue Bonnet is the lightest/brightest blue in WOTA. None of their WOTA colors are really baby blue. If you are looking for pastels this might not be your yarn.

Blue Bonnet is a very vivid blue, not quite what I’d call a baby blue.

Have you considered using Andean Silk instead? It will be a much softer yarn for a baby, and the Bluebell color is a nice baby blue.

I agree…Blue Bonnet is NOT a baby blue…it’s like a vibrant (I would say ALMOST neon) turquoisey blue.

Your other options are Winter Night, which is more a midnight blue, and
Hyacinth, which is not REALLY blue…its like an inky-bluey purple. I haven’t seen Stream or Blueberry.

I have used Paton’s Classic Merino Wool on several occasions and have really liked it. They have a decent color selection, including a few different blues. It is probably readily available in most stores (it is here where I live anyways).

I have also used Wool of the Andes with good results, and I actually found that the colors as I saw them on the monitor were fairly accurate with what I received.

I’m sure the bear will be cute whatever you decide!

here is a link to search for all of the “blues” on knitpicks. ( LOVE that you can search by color! ) I personally like Crayon in light blue, the Andean Silk in bluebell, Shine in sky and Alpaca Cloud in horizon. I sort of like marino tide pool, but that looks like a color for a baby if you don’t know what it will be. (imo)

Thanks everyone!!! Does anyone know if Andean Silk will felt? I love the blue.

Thanks again! :smiley:

Bump to find you an answer

Alpaca will felt, and merino will felt, but silk doesn’t. Instead it gets a little stiff. However, the relativly small percentage of silk shouldn’t affect the feel too much. The yarn is handwash only, so I’m assuming it will felt fairly well.

I’ll tell you what… I have an order of Andean Silk on the way, it’ll hopefully get here this week. When it does, I’ll knit a little swatch and felt it and let you know how it turns out. :slight_smile:

[size=6][color=darkred]T[/color][color=green]H[/color][color=orange]A[/color][color=darkblue]N[/color][color=green]K[/color][color=yellow]S[/color],[/size] Silver!

Wow, Silver, you’re awesome! :heart:

I know that yarn does felt, but I don’t know what quality the end-result is, because I’ve only done felted joins with it. Which I don’t recommend, by the way, because something about it, the silk?, makes it a lighter color than the original yarn, so the join stands out; and also stands out because it’s a great deal stiffer than the non-felted yarn, as Silver so wisely intuited.

It will be neat to hear how it felts! What I’m curious about is: is the end product soft enough to do the luxury yarn justice?

It’s here! It’s here! The swatch is felting as I type! :cheering:

Ok, Andean Silk DOES felt! :cheering:

This is after one complete washer cycle. I agitated on HOT, and rinsed on COLD. Knitted on size 8s, 20 sts by 20 rows.

A few notes:
This yarn is TO DIE FOR. Before felting, it is so soft, I really think it could pass for cashmere. A sweater knit in this would feel as good as a $300 cashmere sweater. And at the price, it can’t be beat!

After felting, there’s a lot of fuzz or halo, which resembles an angora blend yarn… you know, those fine, straight hairs like angora.

It is still damp, but feels very soft, while the fabric is very firm and thick. I was concerned about the silk getting hard, but so far, this isn’t happening. After it dries, if it feels harder, I’ll let you know.

However, the silk in it does not felt, so it creates little bumps or nubs on the felt as you can see in the picture. These pictures are of the knit side. The felted purl side has even more bumps. As the alpaca and merino shrink up, the silk bunches up as everything around it shrinks. Personally, I think this is a nice texture compared to normal wool felt.

Overall, I’d say yes, felt with it. But take everything into consideration. Personally, I’d rather not felt it as it’s SUCH a lovely yarn on it’s own. :slight_smile:

That is a VERY cool felted texture! Maybe for a WEARABLE felted item like a hat (chemocaps, anyone?), as opposed to a bag, which doesnt have to be soft…

I have, like, 4 colors of that on my Knitpicks wishlist!! :drool:

Now i have to go order some of that! thanks silver!

I love that texture…now I’m gonna have to get some, too…lol

Ok, so this little felted swatch is all dry now and it hasn’t gotten stiff in the least. The fabric is very flexible, and dare I say, next to the skin soft?

It will be wonderful for felted baby toys because it is so darn soft, but I can’t help but think this would make a totally FABULOUS felted coat instead. It is really luxury felt! :cheering:

Wow, I had no idea it would make those little silk nubs. That’s so neat!
Thanks Silver, great info!