Wortsed vs light wortsed

So I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle. I’m really bad a gauging how much yarn i’m going to need for any particular project, so consequently, I have run out of the Berroco Weekend juniper berry blue yarn I have been using for my “Donate Life” afgan/thing. Here is where I’m presently at:

and this is my patter (to see how much more I have to go):

My problem is that I have just found out that Berroco have discontinued that particular colour in their Weekend (worsted weight) line. I have bought what looks to be the last 2 skeins of this I could find on the internet, which I hope will be enough to at least finish the border. Berroco do have this colour still in their Weekend DK (light worsted weight) line and I was wondering if I might be able to use that instead for the inside “Donate” part of the pattern. Comparing the two at my local store, they seem similar, but I would like to know other’s opinion on what I should do - go with the light worsted for part of the inside design, or find another worsted yarn in a similar blue to finish it (if that’s the case - do anyone have any suggestions?)

Thanks again. You guys have always come through for me with the best advise.

(BTW - thanks to you guys I was able to fix the purl/knit error on the green border and you’d never know anything was wrong…THANKS!)
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This is such a wonderful project. I’m not sure how you’re knitting it. Is the central, lettered portion a separate panel? The DK knits at about 22sts/4inches while the worsted weight at 18sts/4inches. If you substitute without increasing the stitch count, the piece will be smaller. Knitting a swatch with the DK would tell you how much smaller and then you can adjust the stitch number and away you knit.
It would be great to find a compatible worsted weight but getting close on the color may be difficult.

The lettered pattern isnt a separte panel - the whole thing is being knitted as one piece at the same time. Its being done in stockingnette with the letters in garter and the borders in a combination of garter and cable (because i can`t doing anything simple :wink: ). I think I might try to find another worsted weight yarn just be make things easier. Does anyone have any recommendations of brands that have a great colour selection that might fit the bill?