Worth it?

Yarn in England seems to be sooo expensive, when I posted before asking a question about internet yarn sites someone suggested Elann and I had a look and it seems pretty cheap. Is it pretty good quality and do you think the shipping charge is worth it?

I bought some Alpaca form Elann not to long ago and am pleased with it. I am only 1/2 way through my scarf so cannot tell how it will do once blocked and worn. I heard a lot of nice things about it before I bought.

You can also look at KnitPicks and there is a yarn discount website too - I have lost their page now, but they had good deals too. You can also check e-bay…

I found an online yarn shop that sells Lion brand in the UK, http://www.banyantreeyarns.com/ don’t know if it’s necessarily cheaper though (never used it either). It is a pain that yarn is so expensive - there used to be a wool shop (or two) on every main road when I was growing up and it was cheaper to knit than buy a jumper, but not it’s seen as a hobby so therefore the prices have been cranked up!