Worth it?

I wanted to try a drop spindle. There are some lovely, inexpensive starter kits out there. Okay, lets say I actually figure it out, is it worth the price, or is it just a lovely hobby? I’ve only been knitting for a month and a half and I’m in trouble. LOL I don’t want to become a huge expense to DH. :teehee:

I learned from a cheap kit ($13 or so) I got on eBay – I figure in the beginning it’s not as important because you’re parking and drafting anyway (you don’t need to keep the spindle spinning – you spin it and hold it between your legs, then you draft – thin out the fiber – and let the twist into the yarn).

My experience: I started with the wool that came with the kit. Parked and drafted. Made sucky, rope-like yarn. Then I tried spinning silk hankies…and omg, A-HA moment. The spindle spun by itself, it was effortless and fun, and I was hooked. I went back to the wool and realized that perhaps it was the spindle that was my problem (couldn’t keep it spinning when I was working with wool). So I bought a $16 Schacht Hi-Lo spindle and it made aaaaaall the difference. I :heart: it!

So yeah, it’s really cheap to get started…the danger lies in that eventually you’ll find yourself drooling over spinning wheels. :roflhard: But really, there are plenty of us who make good, useable yarn in decent quantities, using only a spindle. :smiley:

And it IS just like knitting…you don’t spin 'cause it’s cheaper than buying yarn, any more than you knit socks 'cause it’s cheaper. (unless you have sheep and do all the dirty work, I guess :wink: ) You do it 'cause you enjoy it. :smiley:

I was soooo afraid you’d say that! I think I might get a kit. At least I can justify the price as rather inexpensive. If I don’t enjoy it (GASP!) then I’m not out a lot of money. I just know that I’m going to get sucked into some strange yarn using/making vortex! Hmmm, DH has talked about getting many, many acres of land…

I gotta say, the spindle makes a lot of difference. I hate my starter spindle that came with the kit. Very, very cheap. So, if you are finiding it difficult to spin after getting one…you may wish to upgrade to a better spindle. A good one costs about $30. The type of spindle makes a differnce too. I didn’t spindle long before getting a wheel.

Now, I’m drooling over my potential second wheel…the kromski sonata, just joined a spinning guild that is an hour’s drive away, considering exactly how much trouble it would be to raise camels for their fiber, thinking of learning to sew in order to create period clothing just to sit in a renactment with other spinners, and actively converting knitters into spinners.

So, my completely unbiased opinion is to learn to spin. :mrgreen:

I live in onpost housing. There’s no room for a wheel! LOL (I did catch myself looking around to see what of DH’s stuff I could get rid of - lol) I need to look and see if there is a shop in the area (I think there is) that has this stuff in stock. Maybe they’d let me play with it. Better yet, maybe they’d have a class.

No room you say? Let me tempt you with my newest love, the Kronmski Sonata…


There’s always room for fiber.

Okay, that was evil! :rofl: Damn, now I want one. I hate being poor.

I just wanted to prove that you did not need a bunch of space. And actually my wheel takes up very little room. Ashford Traveller. There are plenty of options. Do some surfing on different wheels. There are plenty that are small and fairly inexpensive. You sacrifice pretty wood usually though. And spindles can also be very beautiful. They are works of art to me. And hey…there are holidays and bdays…aren’t they for splurging on gifts? :mrgreen: But in all honesty, try a spindle or take a spin class first. Make sure you really like it.

Oh yeah, I wouldn’t just go out and buy it. I’d hate to spend that much money only to find out it wasn’t for me. I’d ask what kind of spindle, but it really seems that it’s preference, right? I’ve been looking at them for days. Soooooo, pretty.

Yup, spindles are a personal prefernce depending on what kind of yarn you want to make. Most people I have heard from like top whorls better than bottom whorls. Turkish spindles are pretty popular too. Top whorls spin faster and are usually meant for finer singles and yarn.

I think I may have another knitter converted to spinning now!! hahahahahaha my evil plan is working :happydance: Come to the spin side…

:zombie: hehe. I went ahead and ordered a starter kit. It’s a top whorl, so maybe it will work. There’s an LYS around here someplace that does spinning and such. If I can find somebody to watch my monster babies, I might go have a look! :happydance:

Oh please keep us posted!!! If you ever want to feel good about the yarn you make just ask…I’ll post pics of my ugly yarn :teehee: Your’s will look great next to mine.