Worsted weight yarn socks help!

I’m using the Judy’s magic cast on for toe up socks. I’m using worsted weight yarn my gauge is 18st for 4in. I’m trying to make size 10 women. My foot length is 9.5 circumference is 8.5. My socks keep turning out too big or too small.

Have you tried a gauge swatch for the socks? That’ll tell you which needle size you need to get the size specified in the pattern.
Here’s a handy sock calculator but you need to input stitch and row gauge.

Learn how to knit to fit. I never gauge swatch and socks always fit - the toe is the gauge swatch and I sometimes switch to different size needles, usually smaller, because for some reason the toe stitches are tighter and after the increases just move to the other size needles. Straight Up Socks has a gusset and Fleegle heel. Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed has a short row heel and no gusset. I learned from Lifestyle Socks and moved on to do gusseted heels most of the time. While you don’t need to swatch for gauge with either pattern you might want more sts/in for longer wear. HTH

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Thank you so much! The life style pattern/guide makes so much more since!

I almost gave up on sock knitting before I tried it. I was pretty sure the patterns were not going to fit. The “no swatch” along with knit to fit grabbed me and with Lifestyle Socks I was off and running. My first pair was in worsted acrylic, just to get sock knitting out of my system so I could move on. It didn’t work. I achieved the holy grail (for me!) and produced socks that fit my weird feet. Your measurements are pretty much the same as mine. My heels are AAA or AAAA, can’t remember which but I know they’re narrow. I’m not tied to a pattern. I can adjust on the fly, like changing needles and not redoing the toe. It just works for me. Besides I suck at anything numbers and figuring out how many stitches I’ll need is a total waste of time IMO.

Happy sock knitting!!! Please post a photo and if you have more questions ask.

Okay so I do have a question. What it says start the heel 1 1/5 to 2 inches from your heel is that from the back of tour heel in or from the start of your heel?

Back of your heel I think.


If you download and open Straight Up Socks it shows how to measure. If that pattern uses a different measurement, just do it for the one you need.


I cheat and don’t do it right. I put my right foot on my left thigh and grab a ruler. Close enough. :smile_cat: