Worsted Weight Socks

I just cast on some worsted weight socks with some nice, soft yarn from Hobby Lobby. Baby Bee Sweet Delight Twist in the color “Teddy Bear”.

I’m using this pattern: http://www.sweaterscapes.com/sockinst.htm

I have used Yarn Bee and used the “light fleece” and was very pleased. It was soft and fluffy and fun to knit. but i did it in a chunky weight (my favorite) weight yarn.
I like yarn bee yarns. I only wish that had more natural fibers!! :cheering:

Those are going to be pretty!

Those will be very nice!. I’ll have to remember to fondle the “Sweet Delight” next time I’m in Hobby Lobby! :rofl:

I think the softest Baby Bee is the Sweet Delight Baby in yellow. The color is called “sunkisses”. For some reason, some colors feel softer than others. :??

Yea, that’s what I’m knitting my socks out of. Yellow baby bee. They are extremely nice feeling :slight_smile:

I miss Hobby Lobby near the Baybrook mall in Friendswood. :waah: All we have are Micahel’s & Handcock near us.

Sandy, I love reading your threads just so I can say “Shandeh”, and hear Sean Connery’s sexy voice in my head. :rofl:

I love the look of that yarn. Those socks are already looking quite comfy! We have a grocery store about to shut down in our smallish town of 25,000. I’ve been hearing a rumor all over town that a Hobby Lobby is coming in there. :pray:

All we have now is a very limited craft department in our Super Wal-Mart. Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope the rumor is true! :yay:


So how are those socks coming? I have some of that yarn also, in Licorce, waiting for me to get to them. Did the yarn work up nicely? Yours look great!

Lovely yarn, but what nut thought up the color Teddy Bear? That doesn’t look like a teddy bear color to me. Going to be gorgeous socks though!

Thanks so much for the link to the pattern. :muah: