Worsted weight leg warmers

Good day fellow knitters :slight_smile:

I saw something interesting today… Cotton mittsfor hand treatment… Living in Arizona, it’s my legs that need a soothing treatment, so I figured I should knit myself some cotton legwarmers!:knitting:

I am looking for a pattern that would use worsted weight yarn (as this is the size of the cotton yarns I found) that could do the job. I never knitted cotton before but I have no problems giving it a shot - I love new experiences. I have no idea if a rib stitch would do the job or not with cotton, but I don’t mind using something to tie them at the top so they stay in place.

Thank you for your suggestions, :muah:






Knitting with cotton yarn is a very different feel than with regular wool or acrylic yarns. Cotton simply doesn’t have the “give” that the others do.

I made a pair of socks out of cotton yarn, and they barely stretched enough to get them on my feet. The pattern is one that I’ve knitted over and over since childhood, when my knitting mentor gave it to me, so I know it’s not the pattern.

Also, cotton yarn will shrink to some degree when you wash it. Just plan on this when you create your leg warmers.

That said, nothing beats cotton for absorbing perspiration and helping you cope with the heat.


Thank you for the patterns and the tips on knitting with cotton. I was worried about the flexibility of the yarn and I guess i was right on that. My goal is to put the leg “warmers” on, then soak them so I could wear them for a little while and keep my legs moist… Kind of like soaking feet but without having to stay put in a corner. Plus, for the height i need, i would need a very tall bucket! Knitting in the tub is not really an option (something I could do if it was for my feet) so I figured that somekind of leg wrap might work.

Thanks for the tips, I will plan on extra room to compensate.
And thank you for the patterns astonh! :slight_smile: