Worsted cotton

So I’ve started a KAL for the Petunia Tote and just as I was excitedly breaking out my intended yarn a few minutes ago to cast on I realized that it’s THE WRONG WEIGHT!! It’s dk and the pattern calls for worsted I think…

I didn’t buy the yarn for this project but I was very excited that I thought I had yarn on had that would work–and it’s a nice yarn too…

So now I’m in the market for a nice worsted cotton. It doesn’t have to be expensive–I don’t work w/ cotton much except for baby stuff like cotton tots and blue sky’s organic cotton so I’m not sure what to get. I really hate to wait for an online shipment to come in so I’m trying to figure out what to use…any suggestions? I have a LYS but they actually sell peaches n cream (they probably sell something else too but I’ve never looked there for cotton–the PNC was a surprise to me b/c the LYS is nice and I think of PNC as walmart cotton) and I also have a michael’s and joann’s nearby. I’m not opposed to something like Peaches N Cream if it’s nice enough to make a bag as a gift out of…whattaya think?

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anyone ever used handicrafter’s cotton by Bernat??? Ack…I wish I knew something about cotton!!!

Sugar n cream by lily is worsted so far as I know.

I think the bernat is similar o the peaches and cream and Sugar and cream.

I wonder if the pattern would work with a cotton blend like knit picks shine or Lion Brand Cotton ease, something like that?? It might hold it’s shape and not shrink with an acrylic mixed in.

I made a dishcloth out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease and didn’t mind working with it. I am picky about yarn having give, I don’t like yarn that bosses my fingers/hands around! I felt that the Sugar N Cream was very bossy. I think I have two skeins of the Bernat at home, I will check tonight. If it is what I think it is, it feels pretty nice, and will probably knit into a nicer FO than the Cotton Ease or SNC. I’ll try to remember to check or you can PM me to remind me (I’m on east coast time, so if you don’t hear from me by 8 pm, feel free to PM).

At least you didn’t do what I did: I found a pattern for this very cool felted bag in a magazine, then went to the LYS and carefully picked out the most beautiful yarn for it. The yarn I chose wasn’t quite DK, but a little lighter than regular worsted, so I thought I would be fine…until I got home and checked the pattern and realized I needed SUPER BULKY!!! Why did I think I needed worsted?!! (I think I confused it with a felted bag I made a few months before) So dopey!

Oh, and then there was the time I was with my mom and we were both totally spaced out coming down with the flu, but we didn’t know it yet (wouldn’t know that until later that evening). We were picking out yarn for me to make a sweater for her friend just like the one I made for her. I didn’t want to make the same color, but the only color my mom thought her friend would like was a different brand. Looked about the same, so I bought it. Not until a few weeks later when I took it out to start did I notice it was worsted not bulky. It was a mohair-type yarn and I just didn’t realize how much different the strand was than the other brand. I tried altering the pattern and even finished the entire back of the sweater, but the drape was all wrong so I had to take the rest of the yarn back and get the other yarn in the same color I had used for my mom’s (which is what I should have done in the first place).

I’d think Cotton ease would be too soft for a tote bag. I’d prefer to use Sugar/Peaches n cream.


Thanks guys–I’m going to go feel of the peaches n cream here in just a bit–the plus to it is that it’s cheap and it comes in her favorite color (light sage). Even if I can’t find the right color at Walmart, my LYS ships and they have it by the cone w/ is only 10 yards less than what I need so I can by one ball and one cone.

I thought about the handicrafter’s cotton b/c smiley’s has it for $1.00 a skein and since you have to buy $40.00 worth–I could buy some other stuff too… :happydance:

I thought about Lion Cotton b/c I can pick it up at the local fabric store (they have a small yarn section and carry all Lion Brand projects). I wondered about that cotton ease stuff but I can see that it might be too soft…

Ah-ha, Bernat Cotton Tots is what I have. It is really soft, but might not be hardy enough for a purse. Plus, it only comes in baby colors…

The Bernat handcrafter cotton is softer than Sugar and Cream, but for a bag I don’t know how much it would matter. If you can get the Bernat for $1 a skein, though, that’s a great price!

i’m going to TRY to attempt the same purse (just picked up interweave knits last night!). the yarn they used in the sample is 100% mercerized cotton so i’m going to try patons grace. i think it will be really soft but the bag does have a slouchy look to it. we’ll see…

Come join the KAL over in the knit-along forum! :slight_smile:

yea mdog–come join us!!! I went last night to pick up peaches n cream and they didn’t have the color I wanted to I’m headed to hobby lobby to see what they have. If all else fails–I’ll head up to the LYS b/c they carry the color of peaches n cream that I want.

I’ll have to check out Paton’s grace if they have it–I’m not familiar with it.

Lion Cotton (not Cotton Ease) is the same as Peaches/Sugar. I know they’ve got a sage-y color, only it may be called SeaSpray. Paton’s Grace is like Cotton Ease, only thinner like MicroSpun.