Worsted/Aran in Summer?

Perusing patterns on Ravelry, I began to wonder something. I’ve seen plenty of worsted/aran patterns intended for summer. I’ve also seen such patterns for children, toddlers, and even babies. And I’ve seen these designs worn both with and without an undershirt. I realize these might have been designed by and intended for people in areas where the weather doesn’t get too uncomfortable in the summer. For example, the highest average July temperature in England is 74F and the highest average July temperature in Maine is 80F, whereas the highest average July temperature in Texas is 101F.

I currently live on an island, so the humidity makes it feel much hotter than it is. However, I’m curious as to how a worsted/aran garment (pants or cap-sleeved top, specifically) would work in a typical non-coastal southern U.S. summer. Well, specifically in a (dry) Texas summer, since Texas is where I’m from and where we plan to return.

I realize you can select cooler fabrics (e.g., plant and/or silk blends) and knit with larger needles than typical for the size of yarn. If doing so, and if wearing only one layer (the knitted layer, no undershirt), would a worsted/aran knitted item still be too warm in a southern U.S. summer? Say, warmer than blue jeans (which practically everyone in Texas wears in summer)?