Worried about Kaydee

As the heading says, I’m worried about Kaydee. She was a regular on here but I haven’t seen in her on her for a long time. Her blog hasn’t been updated for a while and I haven’t had any replies to my emails.

Does anyone know if she’s alright? She was my swap partner last year and she’s such a sweetie, I do hope she’s o.k.

She’s posted recently in Ravelry so I PM’d her there and told her you’d been asking about her.

Hope all is well with you, Kaydee! :hug:

I’m here…thanks for the PM Jan. I really haven’t been around for a while. Work and grad school have been super busy so I haven’t gotten a chance to visit KH at work like I usually did. Hopefully things will calm a little and I’ll be able to make more visits. Thanks for the concern Ellie!!:hug:

Glad all is well with you! :hug:

Don’t you just love it that someone from South Wales is inquiring about the whereabouts of someone from Boston?:grphug:

The power and the beauty of the internet!:slight_smile:

Phew! Glad it’s work and nothing horrible keeping you away. :hug: