Worlds fastest knitter

anyone know, exactly what they do, like how many stitches, st st or garter st, etc:knitting:

I think Lily Chin has been said to be the fastest. Not sure how many stitches per minutes or anything tho

OK so I googled fastest knitter and I found this

I just read the article from that link. 255 stitches in 3 min. How does she know that she’s putting the needle in the right place.

some people knit fast because they don’t have to hold the 2 needles with 1 hand. I’ve been watching all the knitty gritty shows to see how they do that. It’s somethin’ else.


I can’t even look at her knit, it’s too fast! Can that be relaxing??? I admire her work, but I don’t think I’ll ever develop my technique enough to be that fast.

I would like to know how fast our own Artlady knits? :wink:

I’ve seen videos of Yarn Harlot knitting as well as a competition of speed knitters. I think the secret is minimal hand movement and not knitting too tightly.

Thisalmost makes my eyes hurt

I was just thinking that ArtLady just HAS to be a contender!!!

That made me dizzy. :thud:

oh blimey, i think they continental knitting i throw so no chance, lol