World of Warcraft invades Knitting?

I know there are some out there who at least know about World of Warcraft, so this one’s on me :smiley:

LOL… I’m not a WoW girl… but I’m a DDO kinda girl… cant wait to show this to my husband!

(DDO dungeons and dragons online for those who are scratching their heads… LOL)

LMAO! I quit WoW and took up knitting! hahaha now if only they had knitting as a ‘secondary’ craft in WoW =P

With all the WoW talk around the blogs lately, that is hysterical!! :roflhard: :roflhard: I wonder which one of our players it is? :smiley:

:roflhard: My dh is a big WoW player lol I loose him every night about 9pm to the powers of WoW he wants me to play but I told him I can only have one obsession and knitting is it and I’m not giving up my knitting time for WoW time… :rofling:

I’m not a gamer…but it looks fun :thumbsup:

OMG That is hilarious! Wonder if it’s one of our players!

:roflhard: Knitters got me addicted to WoW when school friends could not. That’s got to say something.