World Cup Knitting

I know we did something a few months back for the Winter Olympics. Since it’s winter down there, I wonder if anyone thought knit goods might be a bright idea? Anyone know of anything?

I’m stocked up on beer, munchies and enough team jerseys to make a sports bar cry. USA plays England tomorrow, during which time I will either be screaming my head off or ducked down behind the couch biting my nails and making outrageous promises to the Football Gods if only, please dear deity, Wayne Rooney does nothing outstanding and John Terry doesn’t get hurt.

I’m pissed at Team USA for Onsted not playing keeper at one more Cup. He kicks A$$ for Houston Dynamo.

It’s winter in Texas? Has the state moved south of the equator?! Why didn’t my brother tell me?! :passedout:

It’s winter in South Africa where the World Cup is being played and hence, cold. I saw some Nigerians with green and white scarves and the Argentinians had their winter gear on… of course, they are both in the Southern Hemisphere and thus prepared.

It would have been nice if we would have thought ahead and had some nice USA stuff to show off there.

:lol: Well now that makes sense. I’m just silly. :teehee: