Works in Progress lol

Currently I’m knitting yet another soap sack, a shower poof and thinking of knitting another purse type thing for my son’s grandmother for his gift he bought her. An Elephant poop paper elephant x-mas ornament lol. What’s more apor than a 14 month old giving someone the gift of poop? By the way my family loves these soap sacks I’ll post the link as well. Supper easy and quick to do and really helps get ground in dirty or stickys off hands both young and older my husband loves the one I knitted him.

I’m using a 100% cotton yarn thats machine washable in a “natural” tone its working out pretty great for those soap sacks.

Yes, I love soap sacks! Are they just for whole bars, or for a bunch of the little itty bitty fragments of soap that we usually toss out? I had one of those once, and I loved it! Can’t remember what happened to it.

You have quite a line-up of knitting there! Great!

Very cool! I need a soap sack for my shower. I’m forever losing my soap!

We start the soap sack off with a new bar of soap and just add to the bag, it almost seems like you get ever last bit of soap used in the bags. My only trouble keeping my 15 month old son from chewing on his soap sack. lol

I love soap savers :slight_smile: I crocheted myself one with bigger holes for scrubbing and a regular stockinette soap sweater for my bf.They work great in aromatherapy baskets when you need a quick gift on short notice.

I’m making a few extra soap savers for when I have friends spend the night so they don’t use mine or have to use the bare soap.