Workout buddies?

I just signed up for the “body by glamour” workout plan and was wondering if anyone wanted to sign up for it and be my workout buddy. Or, if you don’t want to sign up for it, we could just correspond on this thread. Either way, I’d just love to have some “workout buddies” to keep me on track. I really need to get in shape!

PS. I promise I’m not trying to sell or advertise anything, I really just want some support!

I’m game, is there a site? Is there any cost? I really need to lose about 15 lbs and shape up! I use to walk and work out…

I’m up for some buddy boot camp exercise. I’m usually pretty good about exercising but the weather here has been so hot and humid I don’t even want to use my equipment in my exercise room and it’s INSIDE! I need a kick in the butt before it gets any bigger :teehee: .

Yeah, if you go to and click on the health tab, there is a link to the program, and yes it’s free. I’ve already done my excercise routine once, and I just signed up about an hour ago. :teehee:

It even has a thing where you can enter in your goal so you can keep track of it. I really just need to get in some sort of shape before going back to school, the walks back and forth across campus are killer if you’re not in shape, it’s literally uphill both ways! Plus I live on the third floor of my building!

Okay, I signed up, too! Off to do my first workout!

I have been looking at the Body by Glamour workout since last year and I actually just started going to the gym.
Mind if I just just post here with you guys?

I went and worked out with a personal trainer last week and almost died the next couple days I was so sore.
Yesterday I went to my first class for “abs and back” and it was great!

Sure, Ann! After my workout, discovered that the rug needed vacuuming…think I’d rather workout! LOL!

Lol! Think vaccuming counts as cardio? :teehee:

I chose to focus on my arms and shoulders, I have NO upper body strength!

I’m working on this spare tire, er, uh, Abs!

Hi! I’ve been working out on and off again for awhile. I lost 20 pounds thru hard work after DD2 but half of it has creeped back on since the start of this year. So last week I re-dedicated myself to working out regularly and eating better (and have already seen a bit of improvement in the way my shorts fit). Anyways, I thought I’d try out having online buddies this time. I’m not much for a true in-the-gym workout buddy – not very chatty and just like to get in, work hard and get out – but I think an online group would work and maybe keep me focused. So I’m giving the BBG a go…I signed up as lucky_alf2 there as well but it says I can’t log any workout info until next Monday – bummer, but oh well. I’m planning to go swim at the gym today – so now it’s in writing I better go do it :slight_smile:


[B]IT’S TIME!!![/B] Time to do them situps, pushups, armlifts…

HOP to it girlies!!!

I’d love to post here with you guys and help keep motivation going. :slight_smile:

I’ve joined a few sites myself, but kinda stopped going… for reference daily plate is a really great site to keep track of your food and calories. I used it religiously until I got the hang of it, and didn’t need to track everything all the time since my diet doesn’t vary very much. :teehee: If any of you are particularly meticulous, and want to figure out the calories for your home cooked meals, and like to keep track of their meals, I HIGHLY recommend the daily plate. (It helped me figure out my biggest problem was my sodium and fat intake and NOT my calories as I previously thought)

I joined a gym in June, and have been going now about 3-4 times a week (sometimes more). I’ve been surprisingly good at it, and even kicked some of my bad snacking. I decided to do the gym thing when I totally gave up Coke Classic in February and never looked back! I was HARD CORE addicted to that stuff. DH and I could guzzle back two 2litre bottles in a day between us. We made the switch to water and couldn’t be happier. (I discovered sprite zero, from an ICY cold can, makes a good fizzy treat when I really, REALLY want pop.)

I dropped about 6 pounds by stopping my pop intake, and so far I have lost 10 pounds going to the gym.

My whole goal in this is to be a healthy mom. DH and I would love to start trying for a baby in a couple years, and I don’t want to be so overweight that it is actually REALLY risky to have a baby…I don’t want to be addicted to caffeine… I don’t want to pass on my bad habits to my child.

So if you were wondering why I have a baby on my weight counter in my sig, this is why. A child of my own is my motivation, I want to be more for them. I can’t even imagine what I will feel when I finally get to hold my child. I already love them so much more than I could dream, and they aren’t more than a twinkle in my eye right now.

Whenever I feel like I can’t do another step, I just think “For her… or him” and I can do it.

So whatever your motivation is, just remember… You [U]CAN[/U] do it!


[B]Krystal[/B]: You go girl :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Oddly enough I was at the computer today and said to DH I think I’m gonna go skip. He looked at me as if I had two heads on.

I haven’t done much of any form of exercise since my two kids were born. So over the last four years it’s been slow going. I did after the first child put her in Chariot Carrier CX-2 and walk to the pier from our place and back, round trip about 10 miles.

Krystal- WONDERFUL motivation! That’s so exciting. :slight_smile:

My motivation, mostly, I guess is firstly, to not feel so bad when I get tired walking across campus at school. And second, to keep up with my boyfriend. He was always very athletic until multiple back injuries and broken bones (a few in his spine, YIKES!) kept him out of any sports for good. He put on a little weight, but now he’s got this construction job, so he’s getting back into shape and is all tan from being on roofs all day, and just looks great. Pretty much, I don’t want to be his pasty, out of shape girlfriend. And since I can’t much help the pasty part (red hair), I’ll at least get in shape.

Well, ladies. I officially start the butt-kicking tomorrow. I am going to get up in the morning, have some breakfast, and go out to the football field. I’ll walk a lap, run some stairs, walk another lap, and we’ll see how I feel after that. I’m hoping to get my strength work out in tomorrow, too, but if I do it will be later in the day. I’ll check in and let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck!

Hey ladies!
How’s everyone doing with their goals?
I signed up for Body by Glamour today in order to keep track of my progress a little better. So far it seems pretty neat.
I also lost 5 pounds since I joined the gym! YAY! This also might have something to do with the food poisoning I had last week, but I’m still taking it!
I talked to the DBF’s friend who is a personal trainer last night. He is helping the DBF get in shape and so hopefully I can get him to help me a little too. It’s helpful knowing some of the secrets of losing weight.

Here’s some tips he gave me:

  • Eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large, it will keep your metabolism going

-Change up your workout often as you body adjusts to it quickly and it will become too easy

  • Don’t worry about the number on the scale, focus on the inches you loose intead. A major reason is because muscle weighs more than fat, so you might loose weight and gain muscle, but the number on the scale won’t change.

woo hoo, sounds like everyone is doing great. I had a week and a half off from the gym, partly from being out of town and partly from a period from hell… (only get those once or twice a year. Thankfully) But I went back Monday and was happy to see I hadn’t managed to gain back anything in my time off.

What is your favourite part of your work out? Mine is using the Exercise Ball. I find stretching to be very awkward for me, especially with my rounder shape. I am hoping as I trim down it will be easier with time. I find the Excersize Ball helps me stretch out the muscles I have the hardest time with. Plus it is alot of fun. It feels so graceful, and I feel so light and limber afterwards. I found some great tips and videos on You Tube for how to work with the ball, if you are curious.

The best part is I seem to have finally fixed my shoulders. I have great posture, but awful shoulders. I had a hard time reaching above my head, and when I do it hurts badly. My doctor suggested stretches but I couldn’t do them without the pain. With the exercise ball, I don’t know how, but I am able to stretch properly and without any pain. :heart: it. I am excited to try out some other exercises on the ball when I gain some more stability and strength in my muscles.

I found another motivation too, beautiful hand knit sweaters/camisoles/cardigans… I have knit them in the past, but I don’t like how they fall over me. Especially with my favourite yarns, they tend to highlight rolls more than anything… and Plus Size knitting is pricey. So I am loading up on all the hats and gloves and scarves I can make, and when I reach my first goal I will buy some yummy yarn to make myself a beautiful sweater. I just can’t justify buying and making it now, only to have it not fit in a year (It better not!) and have to either donate, steek, or unravel and re-knit.