Working yarn is twisting

I am new to knitting and have a question. I am working with NORO yarn. The working yarn tail keeps twisting as I knit. I am having to constantly push the twist back in order to knit. How can I prevent the twisting?

First, stick a safety pin through the working yarn down close to the ball and through a few strands beside it. Hold the knitting up in the air, letting the ball hang free. It should unwind for a while. Unpin it and go on knitting. (If I don’t have a safety pin, I stick a double-point or crochet hook into the ball, wind the yarn around it a couple of times and stick the needle on through the yarn ball.)

You may have to do that every once in a while as you work. It’s more common when you’re using doubled yarn or doing stranded work, but sometimes the direction of spin just doesn’t get along with the direction of knitting. It won’t hurt anything, it’s just annoying.

That can be cause by a couple things… the type of yarn or the way you knit. Not much you can do, but untwist it if it’s the way the yarn is spun. If it’s the way you knit make sure that you aren’t always turning your work on the same direction at the end of the row. It may be twisting the yarn.