Working with No voice?!

Got a cold over the weekend that kept me on the couch and today without a fever I went to work. I was doing okay (sneezing, coughing, blowing) and then about 3 started losing my voice - no biggie b/c my last patient was shared so let the other person do all the talking. Now all I have is a little squeak…so the question is do I call in sick tomorrow or play Charades with my patients ???

Call in Sick and knit :woot:

Maybe a dry-erase board or a notebook? :teehee:

I came down with something last Wednesday…lost my voice and didn’t get it back till yesterday :passedout: …

Hmmm…maybe you could milk it for some sympathy at work? I used to work at my local sheriff’s office, and they put me on the front phones and greeting walk-ins when I lost my voice…like you, just a squeak. It was not pretty, but at least I got paid.

I hope you feel better soon.

Tea with honey and lemon…

If you’re contagious, do you want to spread it around? That is something that really irritates me (not you,others) as I didn’t need to be bringing this stuff home to my DH.

Hope you feel much better, really soon!