Working with DPN's

My stepmom just brought me 7 sets of DPN’s! :happydance: I tried them and holy cats! these suckers are a tad frustrating! :shock: Are you supposed to knit “inside” or “outside” of the piece? I’m having trouble getting my hands to work around all those needles! I was thinking of doing Silver’s sock tutorial for the KAL, but maybe I need an easier project to start with till I get the hang of them?? :rollseyes:

Most knitters knit ‘outside’ the piece on the side closest to them, as opposed to ‘inside’ the piece on the edge farthest away from them. Knitting on the ‘inside’ of the tube makes it so that the purl side of your stockinette is on the outside and the knit side is on the inside. If that didn’t make sense, try knitting a few rows and looking at the way it turns out - knit side on the outside or purl side on the outside. If it isn’t the way you want, turn the whole thing inside out and keep on truckin’. :slight_smile:

Jan, try watching Amy’s video, just scroll down a bit & u will see the button for dpn knitting…have fun, it is really fun once u get it :wink:

Okay, I watched the video again and she starts on the opposite side (away from me) like I did. I was afraid this was “inside out”. It’s a little hard to tell how it’s going because it’s such a small piece she’s working on. Maybe if I cast on lots of stitches it will make it easier, too?

Actually, look at Silver’s pictures. There is one picture there that shows exactly how you knit on dpns.

I did, but it still looks confusing. I think the only way to deal with this is jump in and try it and then ask 40 bazillion questions as I go along. :wink:

Thanks for the help so far everyone! :thumbsup:

Hi Jan! Yeah, with dpns you definitely need to JUMP IN and KEEP TRYING. It’s always hardest the first couple of rows then the knitting holds it all together more. And be sure not to knit too tight as with all knitting… I always knit my socks on 4 (5) needles because there’s less stretching, and also they will collapse like so you sort of have the two needles on each side lining up… hard to describe but you’ll see it if you try it.

making sense here!? good luck, relax and don’t give up!

I just did my first DPN knitting last week, and a suggestion I got on another thread helped a LOT. Use larger DPNs and worsted weight yarn until you get the hang of it. I got the hang of it pretty fast, surprised even myself! And it worked best to keep the working needles next to my body just like using circulars. That prevents the inside-out knitting problem I seem to have.

Arggghh! Still struggling, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to let these get the better of me! :wall:

I have found that the first 3 rounds are the hardest. Once I get going, I am ok. I used size 8s on a scarf (before I got my Addi 16" circs) and found it very difficult. I had to start over several times. I just made a tiny sweater for my son’s toy racoon on size 2 dpns and had very little problems…after the first 3 rows, that is. I only had to start over twice. :lol:

Practice, practice, practice. :thumbsup:

Yeah, it’s weird but it seems larger dpns are harder. I tried some 8s for a hat and stopped. But I have no problem with 3s and 2s on my socks. I’m sure I’ll get the larger ones when I feel like it though!
It certainly does help to ‘rest’ the needles on your lap or something but maybe we all do that with all the needles anyhow.

i just taught myself dpns, the first few rows are definitelythe hardest, once theyre out of the way it gets easier and easier! now i just have to find a pattern i like… :slight_smile:

Here’s a video from Knitty Gritty, its for making mittens, but there’s some good basic dpn technique:,2025,DIY_14141_3047862,00.html

It gets easier the more rows you knit, the first few feels like you’re wrestling with an ornery porcupine!

Thanks everyone! I think I’ve got it pretty well now, but am having some issues with the ribbing looking odd at 2 of the joined rows. I’ve posted the question in a separate thread.