Working with Cascade Cherub DK

I just completed this size 2 sweater with Cacade Cherub DK yarn. The yarn is very soft and silky. The borders are garter stitch. I have steam blocked the sweater, ,but the yarn is so light, I am afraid that th border will still curl when th baby wears it. Anything I can do to ensure the borders from rolling?


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That’s is a perfectly gorgeous cardigan.
Stockinette stitch tends to curl and there may not be much to do about it other than blocking after washing. It may be that steam blocking will help with the curl better than pinning out however. It’s going to look adorable even so.

Thank you so much for your reply. The borders are garter stitch, so that would not usually curl…I think the yarn is just too light. Nice yarn, but felt like I was working with sewing thread. Don’t think I would opt for this yarn in the future. I so appreciate your reply, and thanks for the compliment. Marge

It’s the stockinette next to the border that will curl or flip the garter stitch border. It’s the nature of the stitch. You’re done a good job with the steam so that may be the key.

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Ah, so I learned something new today. Thank you.

I am sure when I give the sweater to the birthday girl (first birthday),in a couple of weeks it will look fine.


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So pretty!