Working with baby yarn

Am I the only one who finds working with baby yarn a royal pain?

I just got an invitation to a baby shower, and thought I’d whip up a blanket, a hat, and some booties.

The blanket shouldn’t be a problem as it’s made with “3” or DK yarn, the booties call for Simply Soft, but the hat…calls for baby yarn. I picked up some Bernat baby yarn (not the Softee Baby, as that is the 3 or DK that I’m using for the blanket) and for me, it’s like working with dental floss. It’s also supposed to be made on size 3 needles, so it is teeny tiny work!!! :wall: I’m thinking about going to the Softee and adjusting the size of needles to match, and then try and figure out how many stitches to use, etc. going by Bev’s size guidelines.

But, now I’ve got 2 skeins of this itty bitty yarn that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to master.

Am I just so used to working with worsted and bulky weight yarns that this is giving me such fits, or do others have problems with that thin little stuff, too? I’m starting to feel like the clumsiest knitter on the face of the earth!!!

I don’t like thin yarns or small needles either. You could try adjusting the hat pattern, double the yarn and use larger needles.