Working with a Pound of Love

Hi ladies I have a question for all of you seasoned knitters.

I have this beautiful baby yarn that came in the HUGE pound of love skein.

How do you ladies use this stuff? Do you wind it up into a ball first? Or do you just pack this huge thing of yard with you :??

I tried knitting from it at first, but it got too cumbersome since it was double stranded with 2 pounds of love. So I just wound it into balls. What’s amazing is that I didn’t find a knot in the whole thing unlike more expensive yarns that I’ve found with several knots.


I started out pulling it directly from the skein, but I ended up making center pull balls. I bought it to use as accent stripes in my charity knitting.

I made a double-stranded baby blanket with mine, so I wound it into two separate balls. I was glad I did–it was tangled terribly, so I was able to untangle the knots before I began knitting. It’s a very economical yarn and quite soft…I was pleased with the results.

I’m using it right now for a blanket and I am just using it straight from the center of the skein. It’s not a project that I am taking with me places since it is going to be so big so it’s fine for me to use at home. I like working with it so far.


i wound mine in a ball but later changed to a different yarn because i didn’t like the feel in my hands or onthe needles

Good Morning All & Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m new to the forum and so excited to be here. :cheering:

I have experience with the pound of love yarn & I love knitting with it! I have made many baby/child sweater/hat sets from it & have gotten positive feedback on how it wears & washes. The instructions that I follow call for knitting with a double strand throughtout. So, because of this I have to ball the hank into 2 equal balls…( usually never equal) :teehee: The beauty of the pound of love is that there is just enough yarn to make a size small or meduim sweater set. As a matter of fact, I try to keep a small supply of various colors in my inventory.

I look forward to sharing ideas & thoughts with my fellow knitters!
Have a terrific day!