Working Two Sides at Same Time? Huh?

I’m having trouble understanding a pattern from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. The pattern is titled Taos Slippers on page 126-127. I’m confused at the section entitled Divide for Foot Opening. This is part of knitting the uppers. So far I’ve cast on 12, knitting a row and purling a row and increasing using Kfb at beginning and ending of each knit row until I have 22 stitches.

Then the pattern reads:

With right side facing, K7. Join new yarn, bind off 8, K7. Working two sides at the same time, continue in stockinette stitch until piece measures 6.5" ending with a wrong side row.

I don’t know how to work two sides at the same time. So everything inside the ** is a mystery to me. Can anyone help me? Thanks!!


You’re dividing the piece into 2 halves at this point for the foot opening.

Up until now, you’ve been working and forth the whole piece with one strand. Now you’re going to knit 7 stitches and drop that yarn.

Using another strand, you’ll bind off the center 8 stitches and finish the row.

Now you’ll have two strands–one on each half of the slit.


Work across one half, drop that yarn and work across the other half with it’s yarn, leaving the gap in the middle.

What Ingrid said.

And for future ref, you’ll come across this same term when working shoulders, necklines, etc on garments (when shaping is done with gap in the middle). It’s a frequently asked question.