Working the WS of 2 YO

I’m trying my first really really lacy project and I’m having trouble with the 2 YOs that are next to each other (there is a place marker in between but it isn’t helping me keep the stitches separated). I have to purl them on the WS but I think, while trying to purl the first stitch, the second one just slips off :??

It’s doubly frustrating since the yarn I’m using is especially hairy and the stitches are hard to see :frowning:

Is there some trick to working 2 YOs in a row?

Please help!

Are you sure there’s not a k1 between them? What pattern is it?

Usually when there’s 2 YOs you generally do a p1 into one loop and knit 1 into the other. Or a p1, ptbl, or k1 ktbl. You can’t purl into both of them or knit into both of them, you’ll just get a really big hole.

Doh! I was reading the pattern wrong. Hopefully now that I know what she meant, it will be easier to knit. Thanks. Btw it’s the Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn something…oops, I forgot her name.

Evelyn Clark. Oh right, there’s no double YOs in there, you work the pattern to the center st, k1, and repeat the chart/pattern again.

Usually when there are double YOs the pattern will specifically tell you what to do with them on the next row.