Working the neck

I dont know how to do this and I am almost there… Any suggestions? Are there any good places on this site I could study for this? Thanks so much

‘Work 21 stitches, Next 11 stitches put on a holder. Join 2nd ball of yarn and work remaining stitches.
Working both sides at once with separate balls of yearn, bind off 2 sts from each neck edge once. Work 2 more rows across each side, bind off loosely remaining 19 stitches each side for shoulders.’

It is this pattern BTW

I think… You’ll be attaching a ball of yarn to the other side of the stitches on the holder. You’ll work one row across and back and the drop that yarn and pick up the next one and do that side decreasing on both sides as it says in the pattern to create the neck.

I don’t know of any websites that demonstrate this. It’ll make more sense as you do it.


What I dont understand as well is that I will have 54 stitches, then all of a sudden it says ‘work 21 stitches’. It doesnt tell me to decrease or bind off. I am still confused on this.

Total stitches according to the pattern is 53. 11 of the stitches will be on a holder and you will be working the 42 other ones, 21 on each side. :wink: