Working the gussett question


Thankfully a vdeo was suggested to help me do the gussett of my sock, something pattern never mentioned. I am knitting:

I am following the video and ready to start the gussett, but my work seems backwards. The pattern says with right side facing you, just like in the video. If I could include a picture of my work, it would show what I’ve done. I have the left side facing me? What did I do wrong?

Right side is the outside or public side of the sock.

Yes, but somehow I ended up with a purl side to start my gussett. So I’m taking out a row. Must have messed up along the way when I was removing or adding a new row.

I know, you must think I’m nuts and I have a real mess on my hands. I don’t, it looks good now, with your help. Thank you. I am a beginner knitter, trying to teach myself and I’ve made 2 sweaters, hats and fingerless gloves (thankgod!). Socks was the next challenge I wanted to try. I’m getting the hang of it now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Taking out a row or adding a row to get you to the end of a knit row was exactly the right thing to do. Now you’re ready to pick up sts with the knit side facing you, the tip of the needle pointing left and the working yarn coming off the tip of the needle.
You’re getting this to work! Congrats on the finished projects, too.

Thank you! :slight_smile: