Working stitches into double yo's

I’ve just started the gemini tee (, I’m on round 2, and I have a question about how to work the double yo’s.

Here’s the pattern for rounds 1 and 2:

Round 1: K to first marker, sm, *k1, [k2tog, yo twice, k2tog] to last st before next marker, k1, sm, repeat from * twice more; k to end of round.

Round 2: K to first double yarn over, *[B]k1, p1 into double yarn over, k2[/B], repeat from * until final double yarn over has been worked, k to end of round.

For the section in bold I have 1 st for the k2tog and the yo wrapped twice around the needle, but the directions say to k1, p1 into yo and then [B]knit 2[/B]. Does that mean I k1 into the first st, k1/p1 into the first loop of the yo, and then k1 into the second loop of the yo? Otherwise I run out of stitches before I get to another double yo!

Also, if I do k1/p1 into the first loop, I do this without dropping the stitch off the left needle, right (kind of like a kfb)?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

No you simply knit into one loop of the double YO and purl into the other loop; the k2 is separate from the double yo as shown by the comma between the instructions.

Thanks, Sue. I thought that was what I was supposed to do!

Yes, knitting into the double yo is like doing kfb. When you go to do this you’ll find that it’s not really two loops but one big loop. I think they want you to k1, p1 into the double yo, then go on to the next 2sts and knit each one of them. Most of the time the 2 knit sts will be the single sts from the k2tog in the previous row.

Thanks, Salmonmac. Your reply, along with Sue’s, has really helped clear this foggy matter up for me!