Working sleeves in the round

Is it possible to work these sleeves in the round instead of flat and then seamed?

Sleeves (both alike):

cast on 34(38) sts.and
work in st-st, starting with P 1WS row.
When work measures 29(23) cm inc at
each end 1 st. once, then 1 st. on every 8th
row once(3 times), 1 st. on every 6th row
6 times, 1 st. on every 4th row twice and
1 st. on every 2nd row 6 times = 66(74) sts.
When work measures 56cm bind off all sts.


You can do them in the round. When I’ve done sleeves in the round the increases are usually done one stitch in from the marker on each side so they’re not right next to each other. Other than that, there should be no problem since there’s no shaping at the top of the sleeve.