Working RS and WS in the round question

I have been knitting a boys sweater bottom up in the round. I am working on yoke decrease and now about to start forming hood. So far so good. I have 156 stitches on the circular needles - 32 stitches for each sleeve and 46 stitches for the front and back. I have cut the yarn. Pattern now reads: Set up for working back and forth as follows:. Sm, slip the 32 sleeve sts to RHN, sm, slip the next 31 stitches to RHN. Rejoin yarn and work back and forth in st st and working raglan sleeve‘s as established. At the end of the first row you will cast on extra stitches for the hood as follows: set up row one (RS): *knit to three stitches before marker, ssk, K1, sm, K1, K2tog, repeat from * 3 more times, knit 12. Using backwards loop cast on 16. Turn work. set up row 2 (WS): * Purl to marker, sm, repeat from *3 more times, purl 30. I am confused about the turning of the work and purling on circular needles so i haven’t actually tried the above instructions. I guess my question is - do i leave my work in circular needles and how then do I purl? Any advice before i start would be most appreciated . The pattern is called Marv and I bought it off Ravelry.

Because you are separating the work out into front and back you will then be working flat, i.e. knitting on the right side and purling on the wrong side

Here’s a video that may help with the switch from in the round to flat. At 1minute she makes a turn to the WS and at 2minutes turns back to the RS.

The new beginning of the knitting will be at the center front, creating the opening for the hood.

That did it! Just needed a little clarification and encouragement. I am on the road again. Thanks for your help. This Marv pattern is well written and a very easy pattern. Highly recommended for advanced beginners. Happy I don’t have sleeve and side seams to sew up. I did not do the stripes. That would have complicated things but as a solid colour very easy.

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Done! Thanks for your help…again!

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So well done! Thanks for letting us see the finished sweater. Love the way it turned out.