Working out Patterns Gauge

Hello all,

Found a pattern for a sweater that states:

5 – 6 WPI, 4inch swatch 8-12 stitches
100 stitches at 4 stitches/inch = 36 inches
150 stitches at 4 stitches/inch = 54 inches
200 stitches at 4 stitches/inch = 72 inches

Usually I don’t bother with gauge as i just stick to blankets and scarves, but thought I’d venture out to a sweater so I guess I must gauge.

Can anyone interpret the above? I thought most gauges state stitches and rows?! So I am a bit confused.


What is the name of the pattern?

This pattern, as I thought it looked easy…

Is this it? Your link is for the PDF and won’t open. Easy to do!

Thanks, GG.
According to the Ravelry page, the gauge is 12 stitches and 3 rows per 4 inches. So if you swatch with about 16 sts cast on, you should be good.

Ok, done my swatch. I’ve counted the stitches over 4in and I get 11, which is pretty close to the desired gauge.

Turning my swatch around to count the rows I have 13 rows over 4in which isn’t the 3 rows you said…I can’t see how this yarn and needle size could ever have 3 rows per 4in??

For the direction this sweater is knit in, it looks like stitch gauge is going to be more important.
I looked up the pattern yarn and it gives a much more reasonable 15 rows for the row gauge.
It seems like your stitch gauge is going to be fine because even the cast on is given in terms of your gauge rather than a cast on number. As long as you like the knit fabric you should be OK.

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I agree with @salmonmac. It is just to begin and enjoy your knitting progress!

Coincidentally currently I am knitting a sweater with Drops Eskimo too, but I do not follow any pattern. I decided to knit with this yarn because I wanted to quickly make something extra warm to wear under the jacket when I go out during the winter. The biggest downside of this yarn is how many tails you will have on the inside. For me it will be close to 40! I wish they made bigger balls than 50g.

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@salmonmac thanks a lot! This is the first time I’ve gauged/knitted a sweater so a bit new to me!

@engblom why not spit splice? That’s what I’m planning on!

I was thinking spit splice too. I’d try separating the plys and then thinning them out a bit. I find it’s not as much thicker at the join that way. If this is your first sweater it should go fairly quickly for you. How long it takes to knit one in thinner yarn can be discouraging.

That’s why I chose this pattern as it seems to knit up pretty quickly. I’m not sure about the raglan part of it but will tackle that when I get to it