Working out end of row stitches

I’ve knitted a couple of plant pot covers (well they are tin can covers). I started out with a pattern, the size didn’t work but I managed to get the right size after a few tries and they look okay. Moss/seed stitch knitted flat and seamed. So just a straight cylinder shape.

Now I’ve experimented with a different stitch which I had done a trial of as a wash cloth. Garter rib.
I’m not sure which is supposed to be the right side but I had the knit rib side as the right side as I liked it.

The rows of garter rib for wash cloth were:
Cast on multiples of 4 + 2
Row 1. knit
Row 2. k2 p2, rep to last 2, k2

The rows I did for the pot cover were:
Cast on multiples of 4
Row 1. knit
Row 2. k1, *p2, k2, rep to last 3 stitches, p2, k1

The reason I changed the last stitches was I thought it would result in a knit at each end which would seam to look like the rest of the fabric.
It didn’t.
I seamed it and instead of a pattern all round of k2 rib with a garter 2 between, at the seam I have ended up with k4. No garter gutter between the rib. (I’ve still used it, turning the knit 4 seam section to the back)

Please can you tell me what end stitches I should have so that there is a stitch available for the seam and after seaming I can get an even fabric pattern of k2 garter 2 rib?
Should it maybe be k2 at each end so that, at each end, 1 stitch is used in seaming and the second stitch in from each end joins to make 2 knits together for a neat pattern?

Also I wanted to seam a knit edge to a knit edge just because for me it is easier and comes out neater. I didn’t really like seaming the moss stitch as I didn’t honestly know where I was seaming although as its just pot covers it doesn’t really matter hugely and they look ok in the end.

Hope I explained this okay.

You could work either
k1, (k2,p2) x times, k1.
k1, (p2,k2) x times, k1.

Flower pot cozies! It’ll be fun to see how these turn out.

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Ah, ok, so there would be one end with 1 k and one end with 3 knits, and the result after seaming would be 2 knits. Great, thanks.

Now since posting I’ve had a thought that this is actually the wrong side row and I’d be better off seaming on the right side instead (the all knit row side). So, does it sound right to switch this around to:
p1, (p2, k2) x times, p1

This way, I hope, I get knits on the right side edges which I find easier to match up seaming.

They are not very exciting pot covers but it gives me something to do, and I’m learning as I go. All good experience.

Thanks for your help

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The change in the end stitches worked put well on the garter rib, thank you. It was easy to seam.

And because little man likes bright colours here’s a garter pot cover for him too.

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Beautifully done! Thanks for the photo.