Working on this hat! Come see

I think I have told some of you about my friends mom who has cancer? Well I was going to surprise her awhile back by making her a hat. She came over one day and just for fun I showed her the project I was working on for her but didn’t tell her it was for her. She didn’t like the colour LOL. So then I told her I would make her something of her choice. So we went over to the yarn store and with the help of the lady at the store we picked out a yarn and colour.
She asked me for a hat that would have a lot of holes in it so that he head could breathe. I found a pattern online, and have been working on it. I have made a ton of mistakes in the pattern and it doesn’t look like that hat in the pattern but it still turning out pretty nice! She won’t be able to tell the difference.
Here it is so far

Very nice! Made to order too. It sure looks like a winner to me.

It looks great! Even if it doesn’t look like the pattern, it looks like a lovely hat and it is certainly a thoughtful gift. Not far to go to the finish either.

:thumbsup: It looks awesome!

That’s a wonderful looking hat in a great color (not to mention one of her choice :wink: ). Your friend will be very pleased with it, I’m sure!

It’s lovely! I know she will love it!

Very pretty! I’m sure she’ll love it.

Very nice looking! Enjoyed the story that went along with it, too!

Very nice!

That’s a beautiful pattern and what a great cause. I’m sure she’ll love it!:muah:

It looks terrific. The model is a bit stiff though…:roflhard:

It’s very thoughtful (and clever) of you to see if she would like it in the first place :slight_smile: Lovely hat!

I can’t bring myself to finish the hat!! I know I know I’m terrible. But I hate knitting with needles so small, it’s driving me banannas. Any ideas to get some insperation?

very pretty! i am sure it will be appreciated!

Finally finished the hat tonight. I ended up going way off pattern but it still turned out really nice. I winged the decrease but I don’t think she will even notice. Here is the finished product.

Congratulations on getting this hat finished! Wow! It looks really professional, and the mods you made look like they’re supposed to be there! Since that doesn’t happen every time, I think you should definitely pat yourself on the back! :yay:

very nice!

The lady I knit this for (My best friends mom) lost her battle with cancer on Jan 10th.

So sorry to hear about your best friend’s mom!

I think it’s a wonderful hat. If your friend didn’t like the other color, that’s okay. I’m sure someone else will love it. Bless you for thinking of her.