Working on sleeve?

Ok guys, I am working on a free Pattern #81016AD from Lion brand. It is a simple short sweater with raglan sleeves, worked in a cotton acrylic blend. This sweater is worked on circular needles and when I came to the end of my sleeves, before the ribbing I put the stitches on a stitch holder. I now must start my ribbing for the end of the sleeves. I have put the stitches on a circular needle, but where do I get the other yarn from that will start my ribbing? Do I just join it to the end or? :knitting:

Just start knitting with the new yarn. It will leave a gap that can be closed with the tail when you weave in the ends. Or you can close it after you’ve done a few rows.

Thanks for the help. I finally figured out to attach the new yarn close to the end of the sleeve and start knitting from there…turned out fine.