Working on site updates

I’m updating the site tonight!

I have to break some videos, but only for an hour or so!

To entertain yourself in the mean time, you can check out the new videos (flagged as “New!”), mostly on the basic techniques page, and one or two on Advanced Techniques page.

Okay, updates are complete!

…They should be anyway. As always, let me know if you come across anything on this site that seems fishy or wrong.


okay you shoulda seen the fretting that was going on when i first saw that you were breaking the videos…i sooooooooo needed the button hole video! Thankfully by the time i got to it, you already had it done AND with sound. Thank you so much!!!

Yes, I’ve been wanting to redo that video to have sound, forever! Glad to have it done for you now!

I found a few videos not working… one was the intarsia video. Another was short row with wrap. There were a couple more, but I can’t remember which. They were usually the english knitter version to a continental version.

Is all the new stuff on the CD?

Thanks for all your work!

Doh! I just bought the CD! Oh well, I’m glad there’s new stuff, even if I have to access it online…sniff… :smiley:

I’m getting ready to order the CD and want to make sure it’s all updated before I do , so I won’t have this happen until Amy updates again giggle