Working on Free Pattern links for FELTED Bags and Purses

Little Partitioned Bag

With almost a three dimensional fluffy heart motif

A famous Knitty classic

An entrelac felted bag

A small purse

A very versatile & useful carry-all little bag

A ball shaped bag of sorts

The Felted ''No Rules ‘’ Bag

The famous free Viv Hoxbro Domino felted Bag .
Scroll to find it .

Mitred Square bag

…to be continued …lots more to add …

Is there a quick way to place these in the above post ?

just what exactly is felting

Thanks for working on those Christina! If you still want to move the post to the other thread, you can click on “edit” for your post, and copy and paste the text and links into a new reply on that thread.

Amy :slight_smile: