Working on first sweater

When you are knitting a sweater is it advisable to count the rows so that both the back and front come out even or is it ok just to measure?

If you’re doing a complex stitch pattern, for example with cables, it is advisable to count rows but often patterns in stockinette just tell you how many inches to knit. Personally, I always count rows cause I’m a bit perfectionistic that way, but it’s not always necessary. I like the edges to match perfectly for seaming.

I always count rows, but being off one or two rows isn’t a big deal. My seams don’t always match even if they’re the same count. With measuring, you have to be careful not to stretch one piece more than another.


If you decide to count rows in order to ensure that your side seams will match (and I do), place a marker (a tiny safety pin or a small loop of contrasting yarn) at the edge of the knitting every ten rows. Then you can count your rows by tens instead of ones, and when you’re ready to sew the seams, you can easily match the markers.

What a great idea! I’m making a mental note of that one. :muah:

That is a great idea!! I’m going to do this for the sweater I’m just starting!! Thanks for the tip!

I usually lay the back on the floor, smooth it out, and then lay the front on top of it. I can compare the stitches on the side all the way up. Either that or I’ll count the stitches when I’m done.

It’s really good to know all this stuff, since I’ve only knitted a circular sweater where everything is made pretty much at the same time.

Yep, that’s a great help isn’t it? :happydance:

I love raglan/yoked patterns you can knit in one piece and only have to seam sleeves or under the arm. :heart:


Thanks for all the help. :smiley: