Working Morse Code Into a Pattern

I want to knit something for my husband - sampler or wash cloth perhaps - with something in morse across the centre, probably his amateur radio callsign which is a combination of letters and numbers. I was wondering how I should go about doing this. The morse bit should be distinct across the piece so that he can’t miss it.



I think stranding (fair isle) is the way to go. Find the code somewhere and then figure out where you want the letters on the pattern.

Cool idea.

I have never done fair isle knitting and, although I might try it sometime, the morse in the piece I plan to do needs to be distinct and unmissable. I found a pattern through a Google search which uses purl stitches in a background of stockinette for the dots and dashes. The pattern is for a cowl, but I hope to adapt to use the dots and dashes part in my wash cloth/sample pattern.

I’ll start once I have completed the cowl I am knitting atm.


Here’s what I meant - If you stranded it in a different color it would be very distinct. If you mean it wouldn’t be distinct because they are knit you could purl the code parts. Here’s a hat I found -

Good luck with your pattern! Share a pic when you’re done. :thumbsup:

Ah, I get you now. The hat looks good. Is the pattern for it available? I might try it sometime, but meantime will just do a quick sample to gauge hubby’s interest. Doing the morse code in a different colour or in a different stitch seems to be the way to go. I just need to do some simple maths for the pattern.



According to Ravelry it’s on the page I linked. I just noticed though that there are 6 pages in that thread. Maybe it’s on one of the other pages if what she said about it aren’t enough. She gives a link for morse code, too.