Working Magic with Denises!

Here’s a pic of magic loop with Denises - I didn’t think it was possible when I got them. But it’s working okay. Using size 8 needles. I may never have to buy any more DPN’s!


That looks great. I can’t get the hang of magic loop knitting. One day if I ever finish all my projects I’ve got going, I’ll give it another shot.

It sounds more “magic-y” than it is. It’s simply pulling a loop of cord out so you can knit small like on dpn’s. So don’t give up.

Cool! :thumbsup:

If you haven’t read the post yet, I’ve also discovered you can do the 2-circular needle method using only the needles in your interchangeable set. It’s in a post called clever things you can do with interchangeables, or something like that…

Isn’t it nice to have the option of not using DPN’s? Even if you love DPN’s like I do, I often find myself only with my interchangeable set.


Rock Star! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: