Working increases into a cable pattern

I need HELP!!!

I am working on a cabled sweater, and have just discoverd after completing the back and hood that i am not adding the increases properly. :hair: the book that i got the pattern from shows the inc2 which is (k,p,k), so i looked on all of my sites for and help and found the (k,p,k,p,k) this stitch does not fit into the pattern smoothly .

Someone anyone with any ideas on working a 4 inc please , please help me. I am just itching to finish this sweater.

Desperately seeking answers, :frog:

How about k fbfbf ?

Inc. 4 in one stitch?? The only reason you’d need to do that is if you’re making a popcorn-bobble!

How about… increasing 2 sts in 2 stitches? ie, kpk then kpk in the second stitch?

And of course, the cable stitches are sacred unto themselves unless the pattern specifically says to increase there. Usually it’s more like increase in the stitches between the cables.

Of course, I haven’t seen your pattern, so I’m just speaking generally here.


PS - I totally love your little crying/knitting image!! Makes me want to give you a good solid… HUG!

The Pattern that i am following is from “All about Cables” its called Celtic Icon. It is a 36 stitch cable pattern, which calls for the inc 4. now for the back of the sweater i did knit a inc2 into one stitch at a time and ended up short 2 stitches at the end of the pattern row. it ends with a p5 , and when i did the inc2 twice i ended the row with p3.

so this is my dilemma, do i continue this way which means that i have to modify the pattern or find another way to do the inc4.

I swear , I dream about this pattern sometimes, and find myself running for an extra set of needles and yarn just to try out another inc.

It’s kind of odd that the book wouldn’t include directions on the inc 4, especially since they included an inc 2 instruction.

Is there some sort of design on the back also (wondering why they are calling for an increase of 4 in one place in the back as opposed to along seam lines or evenly across)?