Working in the round

My name is Susan,p.

Hello to everyone,
My name is Susan. I am knitting a child’s sweater and the pattern states:
CO10 sets at beg of row for center neck. K inc before & after eachbmarker. Do not turn. K across sts of front& left sleeve. Place a different color marker to designate this as the beg of rnd from here not turn. K in round.
Does this mean I start to knit in the round In the middle of the row where my marker for the left sleeve is or do I join at the end of the row?
Thanks so much for any help.

Join the end of the row to the beginning of the row to start knitting in the round. Continue knitting across the front and left sleeve then add a marker for beginning of round.
What is the name of your pattern?

The pattern is Ann Norling Pattern #53. I’m knitting the crew neck pullover version of the sweater. Thank you for your response.

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