Working in Pattern - Geraldine top

I am starting on my 9th project (still calling myself a Beginner - hoping that soon, I can call myself Intermediate :-)) as I learn to crack patterns more easily …

This is Geraldine top - for my daughter.
So confused with “work in pattern as established” despite reading several clarifications already done in this forum … any help would be greatly appreciated !

The pattern says
Provisional CO 37, place marker, CO 47, place marker, CO 37
Row 1 (WS) : k3, p1tbl, (k2,p1tbl) to 3 sts before end, k3 : This is clear to me :slight_smile:
Row 2 (RS) : p3, k1tbl, (p2, k1tbl) to 3 sts before end, p3 : This is also clear to me :slight_smile:

Short row 1 (WS) : work in pattern as established for 85 sts, wrap & turn

Question : when I work short row 1, in pattern, for 85 stitches -
does the 85 stitches cover all of Row 1 pattern, which is,
k3, p1tbl, (k2,p1tbl) to 3 sts, k3. OR
does it only cover
k3, p1tbl, (k2,p1tbl) (without the last 3 knits)

Short row 2 (RS) : work in pattern for 49 sts, wrap & turn : I can figure this out once I have the answer to the above :slight_smile:

Short Row 3 (WS) : Work in pattern to last wrapped st, pick up wrap and knit it tog with its corresponding st, work 5 stitches, wrap & turn

Question : when I work Short Row 3,
after I “Work in pattern to last wrapped st, pick up wrap and knit it tog with its corresponding st”,
the work 5 stitches - what would that mean ?

Oh my ! This pattern appears to be a mathematical challenge !!

Thank you in advance

Pretty lace pattern and top.

  1. The 85sts cover only as much of the pattern row as you need to get to 85sts. Start the row with k3, p1tbl then work the repeat (k2, p1tbl) until you’ve completed 85sts. Don’t work the final k3.

  2. The same goes for the second short row where you only work 47sts of the pattern without working the last k3. Depending on where you are in the pattern row, you may not even finish a full (k2, p1tbl) repeat here.

  3. When you are on a row where you work across the wrapped stitch, pick up the wrap and knit it with its stitch. Once you’ve done that, continue in pattern for 5 more sts. There will probably be directions for how to work any sts remaining in the row after these 5 knit sts.
    Here’s a video for picking up the wrap in case you need it.

Thank you for the crystal clear clarification @salmonmac :grin: love it !
Once you clarify, I get this “of course, how could I have understood it different” feeling :roll_eyes:
The pattern just asks for a wrap & turn after the 5 sts in pattern in the short rows. Let me get started and I will probably recognise the pattern better to see what to do :crossed_fingers:
Thanks a ton for the video as well on w&t. SOOO useful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s good to be able to look at instructions and think about alternative ways of reading them. Sometimes walking away overnight helps and sometimes just another take on the pattern helps. I have been known to read instructions to my husband who isn’t sure how to hold a knitting needle just to get his feedback!

It may help to put in a lifeline into your live sts just in case. Probably won’t need it but…

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This is an amazing trip @salmonmac ! Thank You !
I have made incremental progress with my first lace stitch attempt. Am discovering that lace yarn is so much thinner and softer that my fingers need to be gentler but firmer :-)) if that makes sense !

Also this is one pattern that will certainly need to be blocked after I finish it (hopefully in months and not years :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I request your guidance on where I am now stuck (I have re-read the instructions a few times and while each day I understand a wee bit more, am not close to cracking the instructions yet :-))))

The pattern reads as follows :
ROW 1 (RS): Work row 1 of Chart A, following the
written instructions, repeating the sts between ** 6 times per row.
Continue working in this manner for another 33 rows.
Break yarn, put all sts on waste yarn.

Chart A instructions are :
ROW 1 (RS): p3, k1tbl, p2, k1tbl, (p2, k1tbl) x2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, (k1tbl, p2) x 2, k1tbl, p2, k1tbl, p3.
ROW 2 (WS): k3, p1tbl, k2, (p1tbl, k2) x2, p1tbl, p5,(p1tbl, k2) x2, p1tbl, k2, p1tbl, k3

Row 32 : k2, p to 2 sts before end, k2.

So far, I did one round of Chart A (32 rows), while the pattern says, Do Row 1 and further 33 rows - ie, 32 rows + first 2 rows of Chart A again ?

Do I stop at this point and move on to the left front shoulder OR

Do I do a second round of Chart A and THEN pause ?

At some point, I will need to start following Chart B to stitch in the round …Woohooo :sweat_smile:

Thank you @salmonmac :heart_eyes:

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There does seem to be confusion about the number of rows to work here. Chart A is 32 rows but “…another 33 rows.” implies 34 total rows. I would go to the photos in the pattern and in several projects to check.
The pattern starts and ends with the central eyelets on either side of a knit stitch.
ROW 1 (RS): p3, k1tbl, p2, k1tbl, (p2, k1tbl) x2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, (k1tbl, p2) x 2, k1tbl , p2, k1tbl, p3.

You can also check on the armhole depth before starting to knit in the round. See the 6th photo down in the Ravelry details page. It doesn’t look like 2 repeats of the chart but maybe more than just one repeat? (Of course this may be slightly dependent on size.)
You might read ahead and see if there is more knitting before the join to knit in the round.
Your lace looks lovely even before blocking. Good blocking certainly brings out the beauty of the stitches.

Hi @salmonmac, Thanks so much for your swift reply. What you have suggested makes so much sense to me now that I am able to connect the dots from what you have explained to the 6th picture posted !!!
Later on in the pattern, it does ask to do 3 full rounds of the chart A before doing the Chart B (just 16 rows). This, together with your inputs, lead me to the conclusion that I need to stop with 34 rows of Chart A. Do the shoulders and neck and then work the Geraldine top in the round, from top to bottom.
Thank you so much - also for the encouragement on my lace work -
looking at the pattern pictures, they look so “starched” and falls so perfect, while mine is crinkly :-)) I cant wait to block this - but the wait is a long one, as I have miles to go before I get there :-))

Your help has been invaluable - please bear with me when I knock on your door from time to time !

PS : I am pleased that I spotted an error in the pattern - in one row, a K1 is missed out. Have given feedback to the pattern site (Lovecrafts)

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I’m glad you’ve figured this out. It’s not an easy pattern for beginning lace by any means.
Lace does look like tangled string until you block and then it really shines.

Very pretty pattern and yarn, though I’d probably want to adjust sleeves to 3/4 length

This is looking really beautiful. The solid colour yarn you have chosen really sets off the lace stitches beautifully.

Thank you @salmonmac, i have asked my daughter to get me a blocking kit in the Black Friday sale :-))

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Thank you @KnittinGigi, I would have loved that too. Great idea ! Maybe, I could extend the sleeve with the same stitches as in the front - need to see whether I have enough yarn though

Thank you @Creations ! I started this project in Jan this year with a double colored yarn and ditched it after the first few rows as the lace didn’t come through and the work looked very messy. So bought the same yarn as in the pattern

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Finally …completed blocking this labor of love for my daughter who selected this pattern for its uniqueness (all the lace work is behind) and elegance, the yarn color and texture.

My first lace stitch project did keep me at the edge of my seat - needed help with interpretation of the pattern and needed patience with handling the delicate yarn. The end product is simply beautiful and I cant wait to see my daughter wearing it !

I could not have done this without the personalised support and guidance of @salmonmac, who patiently interpreted the pattern for me - you make me feel I can attempt and achieve anything - so encouraging ! Thanks a ton !

Thank you to also @KnittinGigi, @Creations for the interest and encouragement !

Posting some pics


So beautifully knit! It was your patience and persistence that won the day. Your daughter will love it I’m sure.
Thanks very much for letting us see this lovely top.

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Oh my word. This is stunning!
I want to make one immediately!

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It absolutely amazes me the talent of people on this forum


:grinning: I am just a beginner - on a stretch, maybe just at the bottom rung of intermediate level :slight_smile:

On your suggestion to have a longer sleeve - didn’t embark on it as my daughter wanted an “autumn wear” with short sleeves -

There are a few things to watch out for - happy to share.
Couple of minor mistakes in the pattern (that I have fed back to lovecrafts from where I bought the pattern, maybe it has been corrected already)

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Thank you. I’ve saved it on my list but I save soooo many things, when will I ever get to them all? I hope love crafts amended the pattern.