Working in new yarn

I’m a total newbie MALE knitter… yes, we exist. I’m working on my first project. An afghan/throw. I’m running close to the end of my first skien of yarn and need to know how to ‘tie in’ the start of the next one. I can’t find anything in the books I’ve looked at. I’m sure this question has been answered a thousand times before, but I just need a little help here. Thanks.

Welcome! We have tons of male knitters here. :slight_smile:

There are several videos on this site that show different ways to join a new skein of yarn. Click here and scroll down to “joining yarn.”

In addition to what’s shown, I make a loose knot, knit a few more rows, then go back to reposition the knot so it’s in the back loop of a knit stitch and tighten it up. Then you can weave in the ends.

I’m a total newbie MALE knitter… yes, we exist.

No way!!! Guys don’t knit!!!

Depends on the yarn. If it will felt then the felted join is my preferred method. If it’s a fiber that won’t felt then I just make a slip knot on the tail of the old yarn and then just start knitting with it. Go back later and weave in the tails.