Working in new skeins

Hi everyone,

I’ve historically only knit with solid wool yarns, and so when I’ve reached the end of one skein I have felted the next skein to the first. I prefer this method to knitting two strands together and then sewing in the ends. However, as a relatively new knitter who lacks the project experience to know when to adopt which method I’m seeking advice. Presently I am knitting a multidirectional diagonal scarf, and the pattern can be found here I’m using a self-striping yarn that is made of wool: Here is an idea of the look I’m trying to achieve:

How do you suggest working in the new skein on this scarf? Do you suggest felting on scarves? I was planning on switching the skein at a part of the scarf where it appears as if it is the next triangular section, so I was thinking attempting to knit two strands together and sew them in on this type of a scarf might be difficult.

Thank you all so much!


I usually knot all my joins, and arrange them so they don’t show, but I don’t see why you couldn’t felt the ends together.

Thanks, Sue! I’m actually really new to felting after only discovering it a month ago on a tutorial and I was really excited because I feel like I’m terrible with sewing in loose ends. But when you felt the ends does that stand up over time? I have to imagine it would or people wouldn’t do it, but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t at some point unravel.

Hi Kelly,

I’ve recently learned to do the Russian Join, another way to join the yarn where you don’t have to sew in ends. I like it better than the felting, because I get paranoid that I haven’t felted enough and my ends will pull apart later. You might want to give it a try.

How to do a Russian Join

I can’t answer you on the felted ends as I seldom use wool so have never done that. Or done them incorrectly so they came apart the next row. The Russian join seems like it would be a good one to use too.