Working correct pattern panel

I am knitting a men’s cable cardigan. It has a Pattern A and Pattern B to follow. After knitting row 5 under row 5 instructions it says The last 4 rows set the position of the pattern panels and form the twisted sts and double moss st to each side. Working correct pattern panel rows, cont in pattern as set until back measures 44 cm. from cast on edge. Do I begin at row 1 again and knit rows 1-4 until 44 cm? This is an Erika Knight pattern from the UK if that makes a difference.

Sounds like you probably do repeat patterns A and B now that you see where they should go on the row. Are patterns A and B 4 row patterns?
Can you tell us the pattern name?

Cable Cardigan in Erika Knight Men’should Knits ANew Direction. Pattern A is 20 stitches 12 rows. Pattern B is 9 stitches 18 rows. Rows 1-5 contain certain rows from each pattern.

OK, rows 1-4 tell you where in the row to work these patterns, A and B. You’ll continue with row 5 in each pattern and then row 6 etc. When you get to row 13, pattern A will repeat row 1 and pattern B will continue with row 13 of B. On row 19, pattern B will repeat row 1.
You’ll have to keep independent track of the two patterns, with sticky notes or with a pencil and paper.

Here is the pattern. I am at row 5 and confused about pattern a and b

Yes, see above reply. Just keep repeating rows 1-12 for A and row 1-18 for B.

Ok thanks. I appreciate your help.