Working both sides at the same time?

Maybe this is really obvious, but I am really having a hard time understanding what exactly this means. I keep seeing this(work both sides at once) around necklines and sleeves in patterns, but I just don’t get what it means, or how it’s done. For instance, in the pattern I am attempting it says, “Work both sides at the same time with seperate skeins of yarn for 10 1/2 inches, ending with WS facing.” I am sorry if this is a really stupid question. I really appreciate the knowledge and help on this board !!

I’m sorry, but I would have to know more of what the pattern reads. FYI, I have found that as you are knitting and you come to what sounds like really odd and weird directions, that if u follow exactly as it says, it begins to make sense where as it made NONE as you began. I think that’s why Ingrid has ‘Trust the Pattern’ under her signature :wink: and she would certainly know, she’s our ‘Go To Gal’ with questions like this :D.
Please give us a bit more info if u can :smiley:

Usually ‘work both sides at once’ is used when you have bound off or put stitches on hold for a neck and are going to work the shoulders. Since they’re not longer connected, you have to work them separately, with a ball of yarn for each. When they say to work them at the same time, you do a particular row on one, and then on the other. It makes it easier to make sure you’re decreasing at the neck, for example, the same place on both sides.

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You’re saying you actually have two things going at one time? Then you knit one row at a time on each project (project being each side).

Yes, you knit across the right shoulder, for example, drop that yarn and knit across the left shoulder. Both shoulders are on the same needle with the stitches not in use between them.

Okay, I get it now. I’m picturing the shoulders on separate needles…LOL

I had a feeling that might be it. :wink: